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After training as a copperplate engraver at the School of Decorative Arts in Geneva, Jean-Francois Croset worked for several years as an engraving designer for the Genevan luxury watch industry, creating watch dials and golden bracelets.  He then changed his artistic focus to luxury printing, where he practised heliographic engraving and specialist typography for various artistic publications.

 Alongside his professional activities, he participated in various exhibitions in western Switzerland and pursued his own personal creative work and research in engraving, heraldry and drawing and sculpture on wood and metal.

 In the 80s, he set up his engraving workshop and gallery in Yverdon-les-Bains, where he exhibited his work as well as that of other artists.

 He participated in several artistic events, notably, The Geneva Fair for ten years and The Market of Art and Crafts in Lyon, where, in 1995, he won the Grand Prize for Arts and Crafts in The City of Lyon for the excellence of his work.

 His work in recent years favours paper and combines mixed techniques of drawing: pencil, acrylic and felt-tip pen and has been directly inspired by his training as an engraver.

 His universe, all delicacy and finesse, is orientated towards peace and harmony with gentle curves and colours, which inspire daydreaming and stimulate the imagination; this artistic vision is combined with acquired knowledge and the technical requirements of rigorous implementation.

The works available to you, with the exception of the prints, are unique.

Prices on request. The Pieces are delivered by post under acrylic glass.